Babaláwo. Philosopher. Lawyer.

Jurisprudence, Evidence, Legal Reasoning, Law in Context.

Forensic Science, Philosophy of Science, Africana Philosophy.

Political and Religious Leadership, Corporate Leadership.


  • Babaláwo 2000

    Ifá Literary Corpus

    Awo Aláàfin Ògeese, Ọ̀yọ́, Nigeria

  • Ph.D. 2000

    Ph.D. in Law of Evidence

    University of Birmingham, UK

  • Bachelor's 1996

    LLB in Law

    London School of Economics, UK

  • Ph.D. 1994

    Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science

    London School of Economics, UK

  • Bachelor's 1987

    B.A. in Philosophy

    Ọbáfẹ́mi Awólọ́wọ̀ University, Nigeria


  • Present2013

    Associate Professor

    Howard University, Washington, DC

  • 20132003

    Lecturer in Law & Forensic Science

    University of Leicester, UK

  • 20032002

    Assistant Professor

    Seattle University, Seattle, WA

Featured Publications

Yorùbá Culture: A Philosophical Account.

Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá
Iroko Academic Publishers
Publication year: 2006

The Role of Stories in Forensic Reasoning

Journal Paper
Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá
Journal of Forensic Research and Analysis. Vol 1 (1): 1-8.
Publication year: 2017

The Historical Nature of Evidential Inference

Journal Paper
Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá
Forensic Studies, Vol. 1(2): 1-10.
Publication year: 2017

Police Culture

Book Chapter
Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá
Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá (2017), “Police Culture: A Socio-Epistemological View.” In: Daryl Taiwo Harris, ed. (2017), Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries. Universal Write Publications.
Publication year: 2017

Language and the African Philosophical Traditions

Journal Paper
Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá
Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá (2018), “Language and the African Philosophical Traditions.” Yorùbá Studies Review, Vol.2(2) 125-143.
Publication year: 2018

Virtue-based Leadership in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

Book Chapter
Kọ́la Abímbọ́lá and Temi Abimbola
Abimbola, K., & Abimbola, T. (2011). Virtue-based Leadership in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. In Ethical Leadership (pp. 135-147). Palgrave Macmillan, London.
Publication year: 2011

A Critique of Methodological Naturalism

Journal Paper
Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá
Science in Context, 19(2): 191-213.
Publication year: 2006

My Awards

  • 2005
    Under the auspices of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, UNESCO award of $200,000 to the Global Forum for Yoruba Religion and Culture for the preservation of the Ifa Divination System of Nigeria, which was proclaimed by UNESCO as one of the “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritages of Humanity.”
  • 2006
    Modern Law Review
    (With Jean McHale) Grant from the Modern Law Review Seminars for a Seminar on Health, Law, Faiths and Beliefs: New Dilemmas - New Perspectives (United Kingdom).
  • 2004
    Leicester City Council
    (With Dr. Margit Cohn) Grant from The Leicester City Council’s Community Cohesion Fund for a Conference on Law, Religion and Secularism (United Kingdom).
  • 2003
    Center for the Study of Justice in Society
    Research into Philosophy and Development from the Center for the Study of Justice in Society, Seattle, WA, USA.
  • 2000
    Copeland Research Fellow
    Copeland Research Fellow conducting research on the philosophical contributions of Africa to practical reasoning. Amherst College, MA, United States.
  • 1989
    The British Council
    Commonwealth Academic Scholarship for research in History and Philosophy of Science (United Kingdom).